Kids Are Most Precious When They’re Sleeping….

Since, my son was a baby he always slept in his crib. In fact, he was always sleeping! He slept so much people would beg me to wake him up and he never would. My son was always that kid who took naps over the nap time limit at daycare. But, when we moved into our house 4 years ago, he was uncomfortable and scared, so I let him sleep in our bed. Unfortunately, I never officially kicked the habit, and now I’m paying for it.

This is pretty much my sleep situation every night, except with a 6 year old with very long legs….



Some of the ways I’ve been getting him to sleep in his own bed:

  • falling asleep with him in his own bed
  • letting him fall asleep in my room and then carrying him into his room (the struggle is real trying to pick him up)
  • when he gets in trouble he is forced to stay in his room(again, rarely ever happens)

Tonight, I finally have my kid sleeping in his own bed and I’m still not sleep myself. When your kid is finally fast asleep, you battle in your mind, should I enjoy this time without them in my bed (for a few hours at least, before they come in scared of the boogie man or the dark) or do you take advantage of the peace and quiet time you rarely ever get?

It seems that no matter how tired I am, I always end up taking advantage of the peace and quiet time. Words I live by, “Kids are most precious when they’re sleep”. When my kid is sleeping, his angelic face makes me forget how many times he kicked me in my back, his foot kicked me in my patty cake, his hand smacked me in the face, the times he coughed right in my face, and the crook in my neck he gave me the night before. Because, the times we held each other to sleep, held hands to sleep, when he was sick and I cuddled him to sleep(then caught his cold), makes it all worth it<3.


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