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West Coast: Las Vegas & LA!

Everywhere I travel 98% of the time I always take my little one. There’s not one place that I can’t go. And, it’s hard sometimes to find a sitter for one day, let a lone a few days. So, if you can’t find a sitter what are you going to do, not go on vacation???…. I THINK NOT! 

Besides the loud, annoying party animals in front of us (I would’ve been turnt up too if I didn’t have my child) and the screaming,crying baby on the way back (us mama’s understand it happens) Frontier Airlines is a good airline to fly with. They have pretty good rate, but you have to pay for each bag (no free bags).The seats are smaller than I’d like, making it harder to stretch out and have leg room (especially if you have long legs like me), but there was no turbulence with a smooth landing.

The first there we stayed at the Westgate and I LOVED this resort!! It was by far the most spectacular hotel I have ever been in. We stayed in a suite (I can’t remember which one, sorry) but from the moment I walked down the hallway and into the room I felt like a princess! I mean the suite had gold fixtures, beautiful statues and lighting, and a breathtaking view of the city. It’s a little pricey, but it was soo worth it.

We then moved closer to the Las Vegas strip, in New Las Vegas and for the remainder of our stay and stayed at the Las Vegas Marriott. Marriott hotels and resorts never fail to satisfy me 🙂 The hotels are always clean, have polite and friendly staff, and have nicely decorated rooms. However, out of all the Marriott’s I stayed in, the pool was a little disappointing. It was small and had very little shade for as hot as the temperatures rise there.

Has House a Go Go was a very unique and cool restaurant. I definitely wished we had one back home in Pittsburgh. We got the Chicken and Waffles, Corn Beef Hash, and a Mimosa. They even have a photo booth in the front of the restaurant where you can take your picture and share via social media.

Holsteins serves really good burgers and shakes! It’s located in the Cosmopolitan on the New Las Vegas strip. If you want a good shake try the A-chocolypse which has chocolate vodka! (The drinks can be served with or without alcohol)


When we traveled to Los Angeles, for the day to meet up with family we ate at the Yardhouse! There chicken tortilla soup is the best I have ever tasted! They also really good drinks. Both place are delicious and affordable. So, if your ever there or visit again, definitely try these two places.

What I loved most about Vegas is that they something to do for every single person at any age. Every hotel there has something unique and cool about it. There were a lot of people with kids and even they were having a ball. We took our son to the amusement park at Circus Circus and had so much fun! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to go to all of the hotels, but that just gives me a reason to go back lol  The Venetian, Caesars Palace, New York New York, Paris, and Madame Tussaud’s (the wax museum) are all located on the New Las Vegas Strip. Old Las Vegas where I have the photo of the Downtown Las Vegas sign is the old strip. They have zip lining and a lot of cool shows there.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to stay long, but I loved LA! It takes like 30 minutes to move 5 miles, but I absolutely love it there.

There you have my West Coast experience

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