Fun Places for Kids

Favorite Holiday Activites

I just realized today, there’s only 10 more days until Thanksgiving and then Christmas!! I really enjoy the holidays to spend time with family and friends and just have a joyous time celebrating life. Over the next few months I will definitely be taking part in some of my favorite holiday activities!

  1. MassMutual PPG Ice Rink 

This is a huge outdoor skating rink that runs through the end of February at PPG Place. Kids and families love ice skating around the huge 65 foot Christmas tree.


2. Oglebay Festival of Lights


This is one of the largest annual holiday light shows around. It runs from mid-November until January 1st. The kids love going here and it attracts visitors from all over including all ages. Depending on the day you go, they have different activities.

3. Holiday Parade

As many of you may watch or at least I encourage you to watch your local holiday parade. Pittsburgh’s holiday parade is November 26th where it starts in our local strip district and ends downtown. However, if not attending, I love watching the annual Macy’s day parade on NBC!! I love to see our favorite characters the beautifully, decorated floats, performers, etc. The Macy’s parade is always on Thanksgiving Day at 9am no matter the time zone.


4. Kennywood Holiday Lights

Everyone in Pittsburgh knows about this all time favorite amusement park with some of the oldest and fastest wooden rollercoasters. This time of the year the park has decorates the park in at least a million sparkling Christmas lights! They have meetings with Santa and performers singing and dancing. It’s a really great time spent with your loved ones.


These are a few of my favorite activities my family and I will enjoy this holiday. If you’re in Pittsburgh be sure try at least one of these activities this holiday season. And, if you’re in town visiting make sure to stop at one of these locations and have a great time! –Spread Love B <3.

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