Living life with Spiritual Dryness

Recently, I had been experiencing feelings of discouragement, confusion, anxiety, worry doubt, fear, anger… And, recently I experienced a situation where I felt these emotions towards God.

Last week, someone did a hit and run on my car and I literally lost all sense of hope. It wasn’t that one situation, but a multitude of things that lead up to that situation. I felt He was allowing bad things to happen to me and it confused me on why? That lead me to feel anxious about how I was going to resolve the situation, fearful I wouldn’t be able to, doubted him, became angry at him for letting bad things happen…but in talking to my sister I came to the conclusion I was feeling all of these things because I was spiritually dry. My prayer life was inconsistent and I had no daily devotional time with him. I was looking to God because I longer for him but, my expectations of seeking God were wrong. In this new year, I am focusing on my walk with God and spending time with him, to know him, be more like him, and to fulfill his purpose for my life.

However, I knew that it wasn’t his fault what had happened to me. I had been experiencing these emotions before the situation occurred. In talking to my sister about it she helped me realized a few things about my spiritual relationship which in all lead to spiritual dryness.

I recently was referred to a book called, “A Place of Quiet of Rest” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It talks about why a daily and consistent devotional life is important and how it can help you find intimacy with God. I also purchased a devotional prayer book called, “Prayers with Purpose”.  I bought both books on Amazon for about $14. The first book was about $10 and the devotional book was $4. Reading both books, daily, and praying consistently is really helping me build my relationship with God. If you lack spiritual dryness or are trying to build a more intimate relationship with Him, I strongly suggest both books. This year I will be blogging more about my spiritual life and growth and devotional journey. As always spread love, B💕


2 thoughts on “Living life with Spiritual Dryness

  1. I was also in the same position of spiritual dryness but the lord lifted me up restored my soul and made me start my blog. I hope the lord uplifts your spirit stronger than it was before, he will restore your soul


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