Church Style on a Budget

So last week when I went to church I felt like I looked horrible! 😦 I know God says come as you are but I didn’t even recognize myself. Then I realized I hadn’t bought church or professional clothes in a really long time (a few years let’s be clear). I’m not rich in anyway and so for me I buy a lot of things on a budget. Most of the time I hate to even buy clothes or spend money on myself, because I’m so frugal. But, I figured professional clothes are definitely an investment. Because I respect my Father so much I want to be dressed presentably when I come to his house. So, I feel like I redeemed myself with today’s outfit.  🙂

Today, I paired a thrifted, cream chiffon shirt from Plato’s Closet by Forever 21. I love this shirt because of the bow tie in the front. I can’t remember the price but, it was under $10. The striped skirt was from Ross which was on clearance for about $7. I had the booties since last Fall but I just never wore them, so I decided to bust them out today. They were from Marshall’s and were $29.99. And, least but not least my cream and navy blue striped Kate Spade purse was almost $200 I believe. I got it online almost 4 years ago and it was just something that I HAD to have. It was one of those rare moments I decided to splurge on myself lol

And, that my loves is my church outfit of the day! I hoped you liked it. Until next time…Love always B <3.

Church Style 1



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