Getting Closer to Your Dream Job

20170907_180838.jpgAfter working and being promoted within several positions, I finally mastered the strategy that has helped me become most successful in my business career. I haven’t landed my dream job yet, but I can honestly, say im very close. Here’s 5 tips and tricks that can help you move ahead in your career:

1. Learn, learn, learn

Learn as much as you can in the position that you have. Being cross-trained has helped become more versatile and looked at more as an employee because of my expanded knowledge base. During my downtime, I’m always trying to learn something new, whether it be shadowing another individual on my team or a different team, learning a new system or application, or even becoming more knowledgeable and well-versed in a product. The more you know, the more opportunities become available and the better the asset you are.

2. Dress for the job you want

If you have a job that allows you dress-down or dress more casual, go against the grain. Dress professionally so that you stand out and that your boss knows you take your job seriously. Don’t come to work with saggy, baggy clothes on or dressed inappropriately.  If you want to be a boss, dress like a boss.

3. Keep your personal business to yourself 

Unfortunately, the workplace can be kind of childish. There may be some or one person that likes to gossip and spread rumors, so you don’t want to give them the opportunity to talk about you. It’s okay to converse in casual conversation but, if something major happens where you need to leave work early keep that between you and your boss. Or, if you had a big fight with your significant other, keep that to yourself or maybe one very close co-worker. You don’t want jealous people, tattle tales, or gossipers to try to sabotage opportunities for you. This leads me to my next point…..

4. Don’t Gossip 

Don’t partake in gossip or spreading rumors. Let’s face it, everyone has that close co-worker who you may share your true feelings with. But, unfortunately I have witnessed this become a downfall for several individuals. It’s important not to engage in petty conversations regarding rumors and gossip because when you’re a boss, you cannot disclose your co-workers personal information or business, so if you do that now, how can you be trusted in that type of position? And, lastly….

5. Network

I encourage others to network and get to know people. If your co-workers are going to a happy hour attend, but make sure to hold your liquor and be mindful of your tongue. Engage in conversations on the elevator, standing in the cafeteria line, or other people on your team during team meetings or projects. Having a good rapport with individuals may open the door for you by being thought of for available job opportunities in other areas, project opportunities, promotions, raises. You’re hard work can get you noticed, but networking can help get your foot into different doors.

Well, I hope these tips and tricks help you grow in your career and professional life. Let me know if any have helped you or if you’re going to try a few!

Love always, B 💋





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