Looking Back at the Past with a Smile

Happy Sunday!!❤ As I approach a new week I like to look back on the past, and self-reflect on my life. Looking back at the past isn’t always a bad thing, as long as you don’t harp on the negative and use what you’ve learned in a positive way.

20170909153625_IMG_2383Looking back on the previous week(s), month(s), or year(s) helps me realize my weaknesses, mistakes, and strengths. Sometimes I look back and say, “hey girl, your time management was awful last week, let’s think of ways to help you prioritize and do things faster”, or maybe I realized I was crankier then I would’ve liked to be and I need to think back on why.  And, I also look back to keep myself going, to inspire, encourage, and motivate myself. For me, looking back on how I was a young mother in college and remembering all those who didn’t think I could make it, make something out of myself, be another statistic, this was something negative as far as people’s thoughts but, I used my baby and their negative words as a positive to keep pushing through. To help me become someone great for my son and prove the haters and doubters wrong. The positive and negative experiences help me to better shape my future, so that I can be the best me. So you see, you can look back at the past with a smile, in fact, I encourage you to. Take a few moments to realize how far you’ve come, growed, and matured. Look back on the past, to realize the better you today and the best you tomorrow, just don’t stare for too long.

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