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A Caged Wild Spirit’s Journey to Be Free

I often wonder how many people face life’s struggles, and allow those struggles to hold them back from freedom. How many of us are secretly smiling outside, meanwhile we are really battling our inner demons? Unfortunately, myself and others included have allowed stress, anxiety, depression, anger, bitterness, relationships, parenthood, finances, careers, addictions, the weight of other people’s problems, death, guilt, etc., hold us back from truly being free and fulfilling our true purpose.


Every now and then I feel like a caged bird that longs to be free; free from the everyday stress of life, to explore my passions and gifts, to find myself again, be the person God intended me to be. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos of life and forget the life that God truly desires for his children. Living free is not easy and it’s a journey I struggle with constantly, but living free is NOT impossible.

On my journey to being free, I have been following 5 steps that I feel with help me along my journey:

  1. Having a More Intimate, Nurtured Relationship w/ God: Growing my relationship with the Lord through prayer and really speaking to him and coming to him with my problems. Asking him to allow me to hear his voice, be more like him, reveal to me the things that hold me back from freedom, from being myself, from finding my purpose and fulfilling my destiny.
  2. Giving Thanks: Thanking the Lord for the lessons that he’s going to reveal to me and the discernment to notice the signs he puts in front of me.
  3. Reading the Word: Reading the bible and my daily devotionals to interpret and receive the word he wants to reveal to me.
  4. Stop Worrying Because I Pray: There’s a saying that goes, “if you’re gonna worry don’t pray, if you’re gonna pray don’t worry”. Praying to God and giving him all of my worries, problems, and concerns and becoming satisfied in knowing that he will take care of it all. That he will make a way for me.
  5. Enjoying the Peace God has Given Me: In praying, you become not only satisfied knowing that God is taking care of you, but he gives you comfort and peace. When I pray and truly believe that God is handling everything, is when I truly feel a sense of peace.

So, I encourage you to live free of whatever it is in your life that holds you back. Everyone has a weakness, a struggle, an inner demon they’ve battled or are battling. No one is perfect but the journey makes it worth it.

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