Surrounding Yourself with Other Dreamers


You ever been so excited to tell someone your dreams to find that they’re too narrow-minded to support or handle it? You may have a big idea, vision, or just something you want to reveal to the world but, make the mistake of confiding in someone negative that shoots your dreams down. For example, they may say things like you’re all over the place, that’s not feasible right now, that won’t make any money, your dreams are unrealistic, you’re irrational, or any other discouraging reason they feel your dreams aren’t going to work.

Well, that happened to me and still does with certain individuals. And, every time that happens I feel like a kid with a balloon and that someone walks over and pops it. I feel disappointed, crushed, and discouraged more than anything. Just because they don’t dream as big as you or at all, doesn’t mean they should project their insecurities onto others that do. Since I’m always looking for ways to  stay positive, encouraged, inspired, and motivated, I came across a clip on YouTube with Steve Harvey on “Oprah’s Life Class” on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) called, “Stop Telling Your Big Dreams to Small-Minded People“. This really inspired me to stay clear of the negative people and be more selective with who I share my dreams with next time. So, I encourage you to continue chasing your dreams regardless of the Debbie downers and naysayers. As long as you’re following you dreams, heart, passion, and God is moving you to do what you love, fulfill your purpose and gift and don’t stop. Those that laugh at you, will be the first ones jumping on your bandwagon later. Keep pushing, hustling, fighting, and most of all winning!

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