Caring for a Sick Child: Especially When There’s Vomit All Over You

Today my son is sick and while lay here with him, while he’s peacefully sleeping, I just want to take the pain away and heal him immediately. Early today, I was the only parent around and none of my family members were answering or available at the time. But, with me being the supermom I am, I ran to grab him some meds from the drugstore. Five minutes into me buying two bottles of liquid Tylenol and a thermometer, he barfs all over me and the counter. Feeling bad he says, “Mom, I’m so sorry I spit all over you”. After my heart melted and slightly cracked, I reassured him I was 100% fine and not to worry about me. I couldn’t believe my sweet boy was more concerned about my vomit-infested sweatshirt than his aching tummy. I swear, the hardest thing to watch as a parent is to see their LO (Little One) sick, it’s honestly heartbreaking.  Now, that my son and all of the other kiddos are officially back at school, the normal stomach bug, flu, and those other unfriendly, awful diseases like hand, foot and mouth disease and pink eye will start recurring more frequently. So, here’s several ways I care for my little one while their sick and in need of mama’s TLC:

 1.Don’t Panic

Staying calm is probably the first thing I do, because if I’m not calm it’ll just freak my LO out even more. My LO tells me he’s worried when he’s sick so, I don’t want to make him feel more anxious or concerned. I stay calm assess the situation and determine what his symptoms are, what medicine I have, and figure out what my next moves are going to be.

2. Meds

Once, I make sure I’m not in panic-mode I need to make sure I check my son’s temperature and determine if he needs a pain reducer or cough medicine depending on his symptoms. The highest fever temperature varies for different ages, but once my son has a fever higher than 102.5, I immediately take him to the hospital. I am a stickler for fevers, so I always make sure I get it under control to avoid a trip to the hospital and further discomfort.

3. Water, Liquids

After his medicine, if he can hold it down I give him water or Pedialyte. This more so helps if your child has a stomach bug. If they’re vomiting or have diarrhea, chances are they’re probably dehydrated, and need to replenish their electrolytes. I stay away from caffeine, juice, and any other carbonated beverages so I don’t upset his tummy even more.

4. Snuggles

Snuggling with mom or dad is always a great way to help your little one. I make sure he’s in comfortable clothing and the noise is to a minimum, to help him relax and be more comfortable, while I rub his back, kiss his head, watch tv together, sing to him, or read a book.  It also helps your child take a nap and fight off that yucky, virus or infection. Even though there’s nothing I can do to make the pain go away, I can make him feel better being by his side and reassuring him I’m right there with him. After all, it’s always nice for someone to be with you during the tough times. I mean who doesn’t want that?

5. Weapons of Defense

I keep what I call my weapons of defense nearby which may include: Kleenex, medicine, cuddle toy, blanket, trash can, and my panic room which is my area closest to the bathroom. If they want to cuddle which most kids do when they’re sick, I don’t want to go far if my little one has to vomit or diarrhea. Cleaning up bar chunks or running poop in your carpet isn’t easy.

6. BRAT Diet

If my little one has the stomach bug, I give him foods like bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast (in other words BRAT diet foods). This is recommended for kids by pediatricians to help with their upset stomachs. They say it gives the gut to rest and reduces the amount of stool in those that have diarrhea. If my son can hold food down or has a cold I give him chicken noodle soup, almost every kid’s favorite.

So, if you’re reading this and your child is sick I hope they feel better and if they get sick after this, you’ll what makes them feel better, but I’m sure you already know that 🙂


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