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Fall Must Haves

Hello loves! Welcome back to my blog and today I’m discussing my fall must haves for this season (if summer would stop trying to make a comeback). I’m like you had your turn girl and you missed it! Lol Let fall shine already. Anyway, I recently purchased several of my favorite items from Old Navy (this blog post is NOT sponsored, I just happen to love this store and they’re having a fall colossal sale with up to 50% of storewide). So, check out and maybe shop some of my favorite pieces and what I’ll be wearing this season:

  1. Utility jackets


I love utility jackets! They just look so cute and fashionable. They’re great for casual wear and

an awesome transition piece

between the warmer and cooler weather. Check out this utility jacket I just got from Old Navy.

2. Pointed Toe Flats

Pointed toe flats are a go to for me in the fall.


I love wearing flats in general because they’re cute, comfy, and stylish. I can wear them casually, to work, church, or with a semi-dressy outfit. And, if you’re a mom like me with a kid or multiple little ones on the go, then these are perfect shoes for you to wear

that still allow you to play with them and still look stylish while doing it.

3. Distressed Jeans

When I’m able to, I am so the mom that picks up their kid in distressed jeansScreenshot_20171004-105919I love the edgy, rugged, and hipster look they give. It’s hard for me to wear jeans to work on dress down Friday’s because most of mine have holes or tears in them lol.

4. Fedoras



Old Navy has some of the best fedoras! I probably have a fedora in almost every color. They’re cute, stylish, and decently priced.



5. Blanket ScarvesScreenshot_20171004-110101

Seriously, who doesn’t love a blanket scarf?!Especially, if you’re anemic like me lol. There are such a variety of colors, they keep you warm, and they add style and statement to almost any outfit.

Well, I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite pieces! Be sure to grab one or all and head over to Old Navy or any of your other favorite stores. More to come on the blog with a Fall Lookbook. Stay Tuned!

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