For “Likes” or “Purpose”

Image result for finding your purposeYesterday, I had a conversation with my little sister about certain people doing things for likes and attention vs. purpose. For example, some people may think being apart of a sorority or fraternity, or being a member of prestigious or well-known organizations or clubs is a good resume builder, networking opportunity, and a chance to be more recognized or for social status.  However, it made me think about why I blog and what made me want to start.

Once, I researched blogging I began to understand that it takes a lot of work (well more than I realized), it’s all about strategy, looks good to have a lot of followers, to be recognized on Instagram or social media for your brand, and has the ability to potentially monetize your blog. But, I had to really ask myself this question? Now that I know what blogging entails and some of the potential perk, if you don’t get the social media followers you desire, deals and promotions, or any other perks from blogging, would you still do it? Do you believe in yourself, your value, your advice, brand, or product that much that you’ll continue blogging with the same passion if at all, regardless of the amount of likes or popularity.

My answer was of course and still is yes. But, then I started to think about why I really blog and what I find most attractive and pleasing about it. I know you’ve read my bio or probably will after I mention this, which gives an idea of why I blog and what it consist of. But, what made? Some of the reasons I blog are the following:

1. Purpose

At first, I didn’t have a niche when I started blogging which caused me to be inconsistent. I guess I knew generally what I wanted to discuss, but it never seemed to come out right. However, I felt like I was called by God to inspire, motivate, and encourage others by sharing my stories and testimony.  When I first started blogging, I wasn’t necessarily sure what my true intended purpose was, hence why in the beginning I was so inconsistent. Often times, I would pray for God to help me reveal my gifts and true purpose. And, once he did, I’ve been truly thankful ever since.However, I started blogging after I had been consulting with God about finding my purpose. I liked my job and what I was doing, but didn’t feel completely fulfilled or satisfied. Ever since I had my son 3 weeks after my 21st birthday I’d been working and going to college nonstop. So focused on trying to make a living and the stresses of everyday life, I didn’t have or make the time to figure out what my true purpose and passions were in life. I thought it was my job, my relationship, at times my overwhelming lifestyle, financial status that was causing me unhappiness, but in reality I realized this void was just me not fulfilling my God intended purpose. Once I identified it, that’s what made me look for different avenues in fulfilling it, which lead me to blogging.

2. Passion

I blog because not only do I feel like it helps me deliver my purpose, but it’s also my passion. Regardless of how many readers are following me, I do this because I love it. I love giving advice and potentially helping people in different aspects of their lives. It gives me the opportunity to utilize my gifts and fulfill my purpose at the same time.

3. Voice

I use blogging as a way for me to openly express myself and allow my voice to be heard. I can be myself when I’m writing my blog and speak openly and freely. It also gives the opportunity for me to network with other amazingly, talented, and creative bloggers and individuals. It’s definitely a positive outlet for me to release my thoughts and opinions, as well as connect with individuals I may not have had the chance to otherwise. I also have the ability to reveal the authenticity of my character and personality. What’s nice about sharing your voice is, the more people understand you as a person and what you represent, they can better relate to you.

4. Make a Difference

Blogging is my passion and it allows me fulfill my purpose and by, sharing my advice, I can hopefully make a difference in someone’s life. For me making a difference in one or more person’s lives is nothing less than amazing to me. It’s not the same as being a doctor or nurse, saving someone’s life, but if one person can say your advice helped me with a specific situation, changed my point of view, inspired, empowered, or encouraged me, I’m completely satisfied with that.

So, what’s the story behind why do you blog? What’s the purpose of your blog? Please leave a link below in the comments box, so I can check it out as well as your Instagram name if you have one. For some reason I’m challenged and find it more difficult to navigate other blogs on here lol. So, thanks again for stopping by, unti next time! <3.

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