The Pursuit of Inspiration

You ever have those days where you’re just so unmotivated to do anything? For instance, Mondays or the days you have a million and one things to do and can’t seem to get one thing accomplished. I am often on the go always running errands, going to my kid’s activities left and right, or consumed with meetings and projects at work that sometimes I get so burnt out, that I just have those days were I crash and burn and am completely unmotivated. When those days occur, I look for inspiration in the world around me. Although, I am self-motivated I still need a push and shove sometimes to get myself going. Therefore, I look for inspiration in the following places when those situations arise:


  1. Peace and Quiet

Sometimes I can find motivation just by having peace and quite and spending time alone. Although, it doesn’t happen often, when I’m alone at the nail shop, driving in my car, getting my hair done, walking on my lunch, or just in the house alone with no babe or kid around, I get time to gather my thoughts and regroup.

     2. Reading

I often find inspiration in reading books and blogs. I’m a sucker for love stories, underdogs making it to the top, and people making it out of difficult situations and overcoming them.

  3. Music

Boy do I love to turn on some music and just have a full on jam session! Idk about you all, but music puts me in the zone. It gets my blood pumping and my mind racing (sometimes I forget where I even am). I often get my best ideas and inspiration listening to music.

4. Writing

In my opinion, it helps to write down your random thoughts and ideas. I do this when I’m daydreaming or just think of something random and save my ideas on a note within my phone or gmail. With my hectic schedule it’s easy to forget things, but then I just go back to the notes I created to jog my memory and get some motivation and inspiration.

5. Talking to influential people

Not only do I love reading about and watching success stories, but I love meeting influential people and talking to individuals I see as mentors. It’s nice to talk to a knowledge person who has a lot of wisdom regarding the subjects of academia and life. Other opinions can be very inspirational and help steer into the right direction.

6. Change of Scenery

And last but not least, when able get a change of scenery. When I go out of town on vacation or for a weekend I always come back inspired and rejuvenated. Being exposed to various culture, food, and atmospheres inspires me by expanding my horizons and seeing a bigger broader picture.

Well loves, I hope you find this post inspiring and get some ideas for finding inspiration in those times of feeling Charlie Brown like, “blah, blah, blah”. Until next time, with love:

B 💄💋❤

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