Embracing the Real YOU

When I was younger I was a tomboy who loved to read, ride her bike all day long, watch and dance to all genre’s of music, and had an imagination beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. But…..I had extremely thick eyebrows that looked like two black caterpillars that were about to kiss and become a unibrow. Most people may not know this about me, but I use to put vaseline and hair gel on them to keep my eyebrows slicked down, that’ s how insecure I was about them. In fact I used to pluck them and shave them, until I learned about eyebrow waxing at 14 and have been going faithfully every 2-3 weeks for 14 years. But, now I have the perfect eyebrows so, I can’t complain lol. Anyway, I had long, thick, dirty brown hair, was tall and skinny, and had legs for days. Through most of school I was I guess what some kids consider a lame but, later on developed a status between a lame and popular kid (if you will) and was sometimes bullied. It’s a shame that’s how society and kids were and still are, but I’m afraid those stereotypes haven’t quite disappeared. I would often hang with older people or people who weren’t necessarily my type of crowd and ended up doing things that were outside of my character. Often times I felt lost, unsure of who I really was….

But, as time went on I found myself, my true self and started to embrace the real me. When I had finally got to college I was able to really express myself and be true to the real me. However, I thought that all changed when I ended up pregnant with my son, but that only caused me to embrace myself even more. The thought of being a mom only made me care more about who I was and who I wanted to become for myself and my son. I wanted my son know that it was okay to be himself, to express himself any way he chooses, and to love and accept everything about him. I needed him to know that it’s okay to be different, to be original, and stand out amongst the crowd. I didn’t nor do I want my son to be bullied for being himself and loving who God created him to be like I was. I teach him stand up to bullies and if he sees others being bullied to stand up for them. No one should feel like they can’t be their true selves nor risk their happiness at the expense of others. After I embraced who I truly was, I started to live and think differently. I was finally living free and feeling liberated and able to do and have the following……….

  1. Fulfilling my Purpose

Once I truly embraced myself I found my God-given purpose. It took me a long time to figure out who I really was. In fact, I’m still finding out things about myself in my (twenty-some years of life). I prayed and prayed for God to help me figure out who I really was and to have the strength and courage to fulfill the purpose he had for my life. I asked God to help me figure out my strengths, gifts, and talents and to use them to benefit others. In doing so, this brought me to my blog, which I talk about my caged, wild spirit and journey to be free, free of stress, the pressures of society, and the stress of life’s responsibilities. And, once I embraced my true identity not only was I free to be myself, but to help inspire, motivate, and encourage others to do the same through my journey, in order to fulfill their destiny’s.

2. True Friendship and Relationships

Embracing myself was one of the best things I could’ve done, because it helped me find some of my best and closest friends. My friends and loved ones in my life love and accept the real me. This helped me weed out the wrong people and make room for the genuine, loving individuals in my life right now. And, come to find out, people actually really love the REAL me. Looking back, I guess I didn’t realize that some part of me wanted to be accepted. Deep down inside, I had a fear of rejection because I felt like many of the people I loved and/or cared about didn’t end up feeling the same and rejected me in the end, even when I was being myself. But, I knew I couldn’t let the fear of rejection stop me from being who God intended me to be. To have long-lasting relationships, people must know who you really are.

3. Less Fear and Living Carefree

The more I embraced who I was, the less I lived in fear and started living more carefree. I grew tired of trying to fit in and be accepted by people who didn’t like or love me for me, so I just stopped. I no longer cared about what others thought of me and only cared about the opinions of those who genuinely loved me. And, to be honest, sometimes I can careless about what they think too lol. I only care about being loved and accepted by God and my son. I often found the opinions of others were invalid and untrue and to live in fear of the opinions of others who don’t even really know me, was just absurd. After all, we can’t please everyone. We can do any and everything trying to please others and it will never be good enough. Now I stick my two middle fingers up in the air and walk away with no cares and zero f&%$# given. I can now say I embrace the weird, goofy, dorky, nerdy, makeup free, thick haired and bushy eyebrows me.

4. Loving Yourself More

Accepting and embracing my true identity allowed me to love myself more and stop allowing people to treat me certain types of ways because of feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. I wasn’t going to accept just any type of treatment from people nor allow them to make me feel less of a person. Embracing the real me helped increase my self-worth and self-esteem. I became more secure, confident, started loving myself unconditionally, and convinced myself that I am worthy to be loved and accepted for who I  really am.

5. Stop Comparing

When you embrace who you really are and are truly liberated and free, you stop focusing on others and comparing yourself to them. You no longer care about what others are doing, their successes/failures, popularity, etc. You’re so focused on you and who you are as a person that you just want to grow and expand in all areas of your life.

So, if you haven’t embraced the real you, what will it take for you to do so? What are you waiting for? What are you most afraid of people finding out about you and does it really matter? What makes you seek the validation of others opinions over your own? And, most importantly is the fear of embracing the real you stopping you from fulfilling your God-given purpose/destiny?

And, if you already have embraced the real you, ask yourself when did you find your true identity? In what positive ways did it change you? What stopped you from embracing yourself?

I’m always looking for inspiration and motivation so, I’d love to hear your stories, thoughts, and/or comments. I hope you somehow related to this post, found something interesting, or gotten to know me a little better. Until next time….

Love always,

B <3.

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