Guilty Pleasures: Fall Edition

Hello loves and welcome back to my blog! With a new season comes new, seasonal guilty pleasures. I’m talking Fall TV shows, outfit pieces, activities, and books! Unfortunately, these things have preoccupied some of my time as of late. So, I’ve decided to share a few things, that I’m currently loving at the moment.

  1. Fall TV!!

I mean seriously, who isn’t excited about their favorite Fall TV shows returning and new ones to capture our hearts and time. Often times, when I find a good show its hard for me to  not binge watch every single episode if it’s on Netflix or Hulu. I try to spread them out if I can, but sometimes it’s so hard when the show is that good! lol Some my favorite shows right now are the following:

  • Stranger Things

This is a sci-fi horror thriller about a boy (Will) who disappeared and became stuck in another dimension they call, ‘The Upside Down”. This revolves around a parallel universe, supernatural forces, a scientific lab that tampered with the paranormal, and a gifted young girl with supernatural powers. It’s up to the boy’s mother (Winona Ryder), brother, friends, and town sheriff (police officer) to find and bring him home without unleashing this supernatural evil. I love this show because it’s a Netflix Original and it has 2 seasons already on Netflix , which is good for binge watching lol. If you like sci-fi you’ll love this show. It’s a good mixture of thrill, fear, and science.

  • Once Upon a Time

Another favorite show of mine is,”Once Upon A Time”. This is a show about fairy tales that have merged with the modern world. It starts with a woman named, Emma Swan who is a bail bonds collector who comes across a kid named, Henry, who is really her son she gave up a decade ago. He convinces her that she is indeed a fairytale character known as, The Savior. Destined to wake her parents Prince Charming and Snow White and their friends from the Evil Queen’s curse that trapped them in the modern world, in a town called, Story Brook. This show is a cute way of reconnecting with our inner youth and a fun, new way of seeing the original fairytale characters in the modern-day world with slightly different plot twists and endings.

  • The Good Doctor

When I say this is one of the most incredible, touching, inspirational shows I’ve ever watched, I truly mean it. This show is truly inspiring and the director and cast are phenomenal. It’s about a boy with autism (savant syndrome) who didn’t have the most supportive parents (an abusive, frustrated dad who didn’t understand his condition, and a mom who was passive and timid, afraid of the father). He ran away with his little brother who was taking care of him and supporting him, since their parents were. Until, one day while playing around in an abandoned area with trains, he fell from the top, broke his neck, and died. However, the boy was taken in by a surgeon, who realized his potential and became his mentor, helping and guiding him on his on journey to becoming a surgeon. The young man then becomes a surgical resident at one of the most prestigious hospitals, Saint Bonaventure Hospital. Although, he has trouble personally connecting with those around him (including his patients and peers), his condition is what enables his extraordinary medical skills and intuition to save people’s lives. He is able to succeed and overcome the skepticism and stereotypical ideologies from society and his colleagues, as well as his inner demons. This heartfelt show is filled with passion, laughs, and truth.

2. Outfit Pieces

With the new Fall season also comes new accessories and trendy clothing that will have you standing out and making a statement. Currently, I am loving blanket scarves and hats, which I’ve mentioned in one of my previous blogpost’s Fall Must Haves . But, not only am I loving my usually floppy hats, this season I have grown to love berets and cabby hats (what I call “grandaddy” hats). I think berets look so cute with your hair down and over-the-knee boots or regular tie up booties and a super cute sweater. I also love cappy hats with big sunglasses and an over-sized pea-coat. Speaking of pea-coats that is one thing that I love all Fall and eve into the winter. Honestly, I may have one in almost every color lol. They’re always decently priced at Old Navy and Forever 21. But, for the over-sized pea-coats H&M has some great styles, although they are a little pricer than Forever 21 or Old Navy. But, I usually get all of my hats from Forever 21 because, they’re cute, cheap, and super stylish!

3. Activities

With Fall comes the pumpkin patch and shopping for fall clothes, but there are still those activities that are nice to do while it’s chilly, but not exactly winter time yet. One of the activities I love is going to the movies! I love going to the movies in general, but all those movies we saw in theaters saying, “Coming This Fall” are actually here and there are so many. I love super hero movies both Marvel and DC Comics so, I recently saw Thor Ragnarok, The Justice League is coming out, but so are other movies. My son and I enjoy going to the movie together, it’s one of our bonding times. We also love going to the park, coffee shops, museums, and child play places.

4. Books

As a child I always loved to read. I mean my bookshelf was so full that had them front and back on each shelf. But, as the year went on, I became a mother, as in college and working full-time, that I didn’t have as much time on my hands to read. But, now that I’m finished school, my son is older, and my life is a little more stable I have more time on my hands to read. One of the books I’m reading this season is Gabrielle Union’s new book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine”.  This book is memoir of her life where she discusses issues such as race, infertility, rape, and divorce (yes, it’s real, raw, and exciting). I haven’t finished reading it yet, but already I feel like I know her. I always loved her and her personality, but in the book she’s so open, honest, funny, and genuine. I can see the real raw Gab Union in her book and I’m so glad she wrote this. Already her book is so personable and relatable and I can truly appreciate that as a celebrity, she is truly embracing the real her, flaws and all. If you need to have the book now, go to Barnes and Noble, but if you can wait a day or two, and have Amazon Prime, order it off of Amazon because, it’s a little bit cheaper. This book is a must read! Some of the other books I’m interested in after reading this are, The Glass Castle (memoir, by Jeanette Walls), Born a Crime (memoir by Trevor Noah), and a A Dog’s Purpose (by W. Bruce Cameron). 

Well, there you have it! These are few of my current Fall guilty pleasures. Let me know what you’re Fall season guitly pleasures are or the things you’re currently loving at the moment. I am always looking for new tv shows to watch new books to read, and new activities to join in on. So, please leave a comment below if you’d like to share! Until next time…

Love Always,

B <3.

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