Fall Recipes: Chili

Hello loves and welcome back to my blog! Today’s topic is Fall recipes. When I hear fall I think of sweaters, boots, and scarves but, most importantly FOOD!! I am a foodie and in the fall I usually here food circling around pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple cider, but I’m here for the chili and other soups. It’s just something about the cold that makes me want soup, wine, a blanket, and curl up with a good TV show to binge or movie to watch.  My family has southern roots as well as Native American. I was born in the south so I blame my mom for my cravings of southern style foods and an unwelcoming amount of cavities from sweet tea. But, one day when I was looking for a hearty chili recipe, I happened to I stumble across this “Classic Beef Chili” from SouthernLiving.

I also found on the same site and abundance of different recipes for different types of chili. Classic Beef ChiliFrom classic beef chili, chicken chili, and smoky turkey and sweet potato chili I had a tough time choosing one to make for dinner, since they all look pretty delish! My family enjoyed it and so did I. I made a little sweet corn bread on the side with mine and placed it into my chili. But, I encourage you to checkout how to make the recipe for classic beef chili by clicking here!   Let me know if you’re thinking about trying recipes any (post pics if you do) and/or since I’m always looking to make something knew, feel free to drop a link to one of your favorite fall recipes in the comment section below.

Until next time……

Love Always,

B <3.

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