The Disconnect Between You and God’s Plan

Have you ever been so lost and confused about what God’s plan is for life? Nothing seems to be going right, you don’t like the career path you’re on, you’re working odd jobs trying to make ends meet because you’re unsure of what you want to do with your life, a divorce or breakup is in the works, you’re financially struggling almost down to your last bit of savings and it seems like you just can’t catch a break. It seems like God has you going down this path, but you just don’t understand his plan or the reason behind it. *Raises hand,waving it back and forth*!! Me, me, me! I have experienced that, more recently too might I add. Sometimes I just feel like there is a complete disconnect between me and God’s plan for my life.

When you’re down, hurt, in pain, and going through some real life issues, sometimes it’s hard to trust God with the plan his has for your life. After all, it’s so much easier to trust in him when your life is going smoothly and everything seems to be so perfect. But, what about your trust him when your life is in shambles? When he’s putting the pressure on you? At times, you too may feel like there is a complete disconnect between you and God’s plan. You see the disconnect lies with the fact that we’re trying to act on our plan instead of his. We think our lives are going according to our plan, but in reality it’s going according to his. I believe the disconnect is because we feel like we’re in control and when something happens and disrupts our plan, we come to the realization that we were actually never really in control at all.

When I feel like there is a disconnect between the direction I feel like my life should be in and the direction God is actually moving my life toward I do 3 things:

  1.  Remember

I look back at all the times my plan didn’t workout, and God’s plan did. I go back to when my plan fell through, but God’s plan was better. I remember how thankful I am that in the past God’s plan turned out to be better than any plan that I could have ever imagined or my life. When I was pregnant and alone, in college, without a job or money, barely making my car payment with my enemies against me, I’m thankful that God had another plan for my life. A plan where he knew I would prosper, have a beautiful son, be a home owner, have a promising career, bigger dreams and hopes, a long-lasting relationship of 10 years and counting with my son’s father after our relationship looked like it was beyond repair. I remember my failed plans and self-attempts at my life, and shout with joy over how he not only helped me to exceed my own expectations, but took me places I would’ve never even dreamed of. I encourage you to think about all the times people told you no and it was in God’s plan to say yes, think about the time you were broke, almost evicted, and barely making ends meet, but it was in God’s plan to get you back right and provide you with a financial miracle. Think back and shout for the times he was able to get you through by his plan, and not your own.

2. Be Obedient 

I know you’re probably thinking, I have been obedient, continuing to pray, doing the right things, going to church, thanking him. But, continue to do those things and remind him of this things he promised us. To never leave or forsake us, to let no enemies form against us in the presence of the Lord. Remind him that while you’re being obedient the promises he promised us, and God never goes back on his word. And while you’re praying, ask him for strength, wisdom, and faith to accept his plan and not be concerned with your own. Stay obedient in his word and prayer, as no good deed goes unnoticed.

3. Trust

TRUST HIM. I know this is easier said than done. I’ve suffered with trusting him, but not his timing. When we’re at our darkest and lowest times, we have to trust in him and that he has a plan. To trust that he has all things working together for our good. I’ve learned that sometimes God will place us in certain situations to test how strong our faith and trust in him is. We have to trust that God will lead, guide, and direct us down a path that will bring us joy, prosper, peace, and happiness. If we cannot trust him, how can he trust us with something bigger, better, and more important than just ourselves? So, let go, trust him, and allow him to lead the way. Why be stressed, down, and bitter about something we can’t control. Instead, find peace and comfort knowing you don’t have to worry about the plan for life because he’s already taking care of it. How easy it should be to live life, rest assured that someone is handling your problems for you? Man doesn’t always handle our problems for us, but we can trust than God can and will.

So, I encourage you to remember where God brought you from and brought you to. Continue to be obedient, trusting in Him to lead you down a better path than the one you chose for yourself. It’s not always meant for us to understand his plan for our lives. Sometimes, we just have to leave it alone and let him do what he does. Out of all the things you have to do, you being in control of your own life isn’t one of them. You might be scared, hesitant, and/or frustrated but, continue to pray and read the word to gain clarity, peace, strength, and comfort. From experience, I can personally tell you that not one of my own plans was better than the one he had for me.

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