The Light That Shines From Within

Hey loves! Sorry I’ve been meaning to write sooner, but life threw me some curveballs as you all know how that can happen πŸ™‚ Sometimes the curveballs in life can be situations, circumstances, or even people. Unfortunately at times, I seem to let these things dim the light inside of me. When that happens, I may develop a state of mind that gets discouraged, think my dreams are crazy or unattainable, self-doubt, disappointment, fear, etc. But, then I realize every single time that I shouldn’t allow anyone or anything to dim the light that shines from within me. Sometimes you just can’t help the dreams that are placed within you or the magnitude of those dreams, nor can you help who you are as a person. Maybe you’re like me and you’re that sometimes loud, silly, joke-making, dork, who has a dream of touching the world by helping people, who wears their heart on their sleeve, was raised to breathe fire, takes no crap, loves hard, and is super passionate! Just because others may not understand you or your way of life, or at times that world may seem like it’s against you and doesn’t want you to succeed, doesn’t mean we should allow the light that shines within us to be dimmed. We have to stay strong in our philosophies, focused on our goals and dreams, remain empowered, driven, determined, strong-willed, and mostly free to be ourselves. So, today I am going to share my 5 W’s to ensure the light within remains bright and burning.

WHYΒ is it so important the light doesn’t get dim?Β Well, if you let the light that shines within you dim, it may eventually die out causing you to lose a piece of yourself. Have you ever been around someone who tears you down all the time, causing it slowly take away a little piece of you every time? Or have a draining situation or circumstance that wears on you, causing you to slowly lose your happiness, joy, laughter, or smile? Well, if we’re not careful we could possible lose sight of our dreams and the very traits and characteristics that make us who God designed us to be. Sometimes it’s our drive, hopefulness, faith, dreams, and personality traits is the motivating force that keeps us going when times get rough. It may keep us excited, looking forward to the next day, the next best thing, gives us something to work for, gives us purpose, or a reason for existence.Β These things are apart of the light within us and if we don’t do everything in our power to keep it burning, by ensuring we nurture the flame inside of us by giving it inspiration, hope, encouragement, creativity, and TLC then it could permanently die out.

Is there anyone WHOΒ can affect the light burning within? The good news is….no one can affect the light burning within you except for YOU. Sometimes we are truly our own worst enemy. We have to remember only we can give people the power to allow them to make us feel some type of way. I know it’s easier said then done to not allow negative people or energy to cause us not pursue our dreams or be ourselves, but the best revenge for that is to keep doing you and keep shining being the star that you’re meant to be. And, as I mentioned before, it my not always be a who. It may be a situation or circumstance. Regardless, we have to surround ourselves with positive, non-judgmental people, good vibes and energy, happiness, less stressful situations, and peaceful beings and settings so that we don’t allow anyone or anything to negatively affect our light within.

Well….WHATΒ can I do to make sure my light doesn’t get dim? Not only can you surround yourself with good people, places, and energy, but you can also nurture it. Think of the light within, as tall, white candle stick, in a candle holder being carried around by YOU. If you carry it too fast and for too long the flame can go out, meaning you don’t want to burn yourself out before you can successfully accomplish your dream or fulfill your purpose. Have you ever worked too hard, too fast and now you’re so tired and worn out that you just don’t have the same spark or energy that you used to? You’re just drained and malnourished. So, what you can do is nurture our flame the same way we nurture our bodies. For one, we need to love who we are and not let anyone stops us from being who we are. We need to be so confident in who God has made us that there will be no one alive that is capable of dimming our light. And two, we need to feed our dreams. Our dreams need inspiration, creativity, stimulus, motivation, inventiveness, imagination, originality, passion, drive, ambition, passion, etc. Dreams need the very fuel that keeps them going and will enable them to be fulfilled.

So…WHERE should I go to fuel my flame? To get fuel for my flame/inner light I may go to the people I love the most who are supportive, passionate, positive, have faith, and hopefulness. I find these people amongst my family, friends, but also in places such as church, within my community, organizations, and sometimes at work. I may also go certain places to clear my mind to get reenergized such as the masseuse or the nail salon to get a mani/pedi, the museum, library, bookstore, or coffee shop.Β  And, I also go to God. For me, talking to God helps center my attention and focus on my inner light. I ask him to help me nourish it by not caring about what people think, say, or react and to keep me motivated, encouraged, and inspired to continue pushing through with being myself and fulfilling the dreams and purpose for my life.

And….WHEN you notice your light is getting low just remember how awesome you are!! Remember that you are a king/queen, a child of God, a conqueror, an achiever, accomplisher, successful, beautiful inside and out, and that you have something to offer to the world. Reassure yourself that God made you perfect in his image and that nothing or no one can dim the light that shines from within you.

Well loves, I hope you found this post inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and/or relatable. If not, please share with someone who may find this helpful or useful. Until next time…

With Love,

B <3.

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