The Heart of a LION

So, if you don’t know this about me, I often refer to myself as a Lioness. Not just because I’m a Leo (shoutout to the Leos though lol), but I feel like my personality and heart truly resonate with that of the lion. Some may wonder what does that actually mean? Well, to have the heart of a lion it usually means a person is brave, courageous, and walks around with a king/queen like mentality. The lions by nature are a symbol of strength, ferocity, royalty, and fearlessness. But, there is so much more to than lion than people realize and so many things we can learn from it. In fact, people may have way more in common with this beautiful animal than they think. So, today I’m going to talk to you about how to think like and have the heart of a lion.

  1. Have No Fear

The lion is known as the king of the jungle because of their raw power and strength. But, Lions are also fearless and many animals know that. Now an animal’s fear and a human’s fear is probably not the same, and I understand that. But, the lion isn’t afraid to hunt, protect their pride, nor are they afraid of their enemies. In order to have the heart of a lion, one must be willing to let go of fear. If we’re not careful fear can get in the way of stopping us from achieving our goals and dreams, and we need to everything in our power to protect that. We can let the fear of failure, the unknown, judgement from others, stop us from succeeding or reaching our highest potential. The lion teaches us to look at whatever or whoever in the face with a look that says I am not to played with, I am a force to be reckoned with, and most of all that I AM NOT AFRAID.

2. Confidence 

Have you ever seen someone who just has an air of elegance about them? A sense of royalty if you will? Well the lion represents that. The lion is a majestic and beautiful animal and it knows that. It walks around like it’s poop doesn’t stink lol and that they are capable of taking on anything or anyone. In my opinion confidence says a lot about a person without them having to say anything and is a very attractive trait. Even if you don’t always feel confident it’s important to act like you’re confident. How can someone trust you to take something on fulfill your highest potential if you aren’t confident in yourself or your own capabilities? Consistently tell yourself that you got this, you can do this, you’re gonna make it, etc. Be sure of who you are and sure of who you know you can be. Now, don’t confuse confidence with cockiness because they aren’t one in the same. In my opinion cocky people usually are confident, but their confidence seems to come from their external sources and not from within. To be confident means without money, a fancy car, or the most fashionable clothes you still walk around is if you had all of those things because you know your value and self-worth. You are confident in who are and who you are destined to be regardless of any circumstance or situation.

3. Leadership

I used to wonder how the lion from the Lion King got the name of “king/queen of the jungle”? Did all the animals elect Mufasa? Why couldn’t wise baboon Rafiki be voted in? lol  Then I realized that the lion is the ruler of the jungle because they don’t just think about themselves, but they do what’s best for their pride. They are wise, make the best decisions for everyone and have their best interest. They don’t make rash decisions, not do they do they unnecessary. They don’t just run around killing every gazelle because they can. Lions do things with a purpose. These things are what gain them the support of others. The lion has the heart of a leader, which shows us how to care for others rather than just ourselves. It teaches us to be open to new learning new things, to value and develop others, helps us realize that our actions affect others in positive and negative ways, and how to be good leaders.

4. Responsibility

The lion also teaches us that we have numerous responsibilities and to take them seriously. A lion understands that people look up to them and look to them for support, encouragement, empowerment, motivation, and inspiration. They understand they have the responsibility to fulfill their purpose in life and to help others along the way. For example, the lioness knows her responsibility is to do most of the hunting and if they don’t hunt then the pride won’t eat. Many of us have responsibilities to be good parents, spouses, friends, bosses, siblings, etc. The lioness is the nurturer for the cubs. They have the responsibility of mentoring and teaching them how to survive on their own.  If we have the responsibility to take care of our children, to protect them, and to help them reach their highest potential. We also have the responsibility to fulfill our dreams and accomplish our goals, to show they way for others. Lions not only teach us how important our responsibilities are to others and ourselves, but helps us to see a bigger picture.

5. Integrity

And lastly, a lion is an animal of integrity and stays true to their morals. A lion teaches us that if we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything. The lion shows us how to do the right thing, to be honest, and how to display our beliefs in our actions and way of thinking. Lions don’t stray away from their pride or responsibilities because a hyena is in its way or things get too hard for them. Lions don’t walk away from what they know is right, their duties, or betray their pride. They allow nothing or no one to compromise their way of thinking or what they stand for.

So you see, many of us can truly resonate with the lion and may realize that we have the heart of a lion more than we think. Remember that when you’re face to face with an adversary or a problematic situation, that you have the heart of a lion. That you are strong, brave, courageous, and powerful. Refuse to let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you believe in, especially your dreams.

Well loves, I hope you found this post inspiring, motivating,encouraging and/or relatable.

Until next time….

w/Love B

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