A Troubled Heart

Hey loves, today I’m a little down but, since it brings me joy to blog and share my stories and the fact that I just missed blogging it was definitely on my heart to blog today. For the past few days I’ve had a troubled heart, which is hard when you have so many things to do and people are relying on you. A troubled heart can be due to many things such as: losing a loved one, having a sick or terminally ill family member, losing a pet, personal issues, family drama, insecurity, betrayal, lacking of understanding, disappointment,or just about any situation that just sits heavy on your heart. Since my heart’s been troubled my A-game has been thrown off. It’s harder for me to get things done, pay attention, at times I’m all over place, have a bad feeling in my gut, and mopy. A trouble heart is definitely an enemy of a focused mind. However, realizing how my troubled heart was affecting me, and still is at times, I asked myself… well, what are you going to do about it? Be down and out, walk around moping and feeling sorry for myself? How was that helping me? Was it changing the situation, thing, or person affecting me and my emotional well-being? The answer is no, no, and no. So, what am I going to do about it?


When I have a trouble heart it can help to talk to someone such as a close family member, friend, or even a therapist. It’s nice sometimes to get advice from a non-judgmental person that will allow you to express yourself, who is unbiased, and willing to just listen and hear you out. Having that support and encouragement can really help a person get through a hard time. I did talk my feelings out with my mom, significant others, sister, and best friend and they all were very supportive and gave me some good advice. Plus, I know that they give me suggestions and guidance from a place of love and have my best interest at heart.

2. Workout

During my troubled times, I also like to workout and release my frustration. Now at times, don’t get me wrong I will go straight to the ice cream and box of cookies and eat my sorrows away, but what is that doing for me except giving whatever it is the power over me and making gain weight so I have to strategize my bathing suit once again this summer to cover my back fat? I find that working out help me release my frustration, anger, disappointment, and whatever other emotion I’m feeling. Instead I use that negative energy and use it for something positive.

3. Write

Blogging is actually the perfect outlet for me because I love sharing my testimony and stories with others. For me, writing is so therapeutic as it helps relieve emotional trauma. I find that writing helps me realize the events that lead to my feelings, find the root cause of my issues, and helps me articulate my feelings. Sometimes, I feel also many emotions and when it comes to a head, it’s hard to get them all out. It’s also nice to keep a journal or notebook so that you can track your growth and maturity. Looking back, you may remember how you felt in a particular situation and remember how to dealt with it, using your old coping mechanisms, or even share your growth someone else in need.

4. Faith

No matter what, holding onto faith always gets me through. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, I know that I’ll get through whatever is affecting me. I look back on situations that God has brought me through and am faithful that in the past God brought me to it and threw it, and that he will do it again. Have faith that this too shall pass, and it will.

5. Pray

When my heart is troubled, sometimes I find that no one can really help me in my situation, except God. And, even when they can, it’s not the same as talking to Him. Talking to my friends, significant other, or family doesn’t help me all the time. It’s something I need to talk out with God and ask for his guidance and comfort during this troubling time that I’m going through. I ask Him to help me understand why I feel this way and come to terms with whatever the outcome is. I know that I must trust in his plan and not my own, and not lean on my own understanding. I also ask that I can find peace in the situation and to redirect my energy and attention to something positive.

At the end of the day, we have all had a troubled heart at some point. But, we can’t let our troubled hearts affect us for too long or it can negatively affect our minds, souls, and spirits. Believe that whatever is troubling you will pass and not remain forever. That God has a plan for you and that He is using this for your good, to grow, and shape you to who he wants you be.

I hope you found this post comforting, relatable, encouraging, motivating, and/or relatable. *Sharing is Caring* Please share with someone who may be in need of this post. Until next time, love always,

B <3.

4 thoughts on “A Troubled Heart

  1. Brittany this is a great post. I know what it’s like to be disappointed in so many ways. That’s why as your mom, I have always tried to protect you from disappointment. When you were little I had better control of that – but never total control. But as you became an adult, I had absolutely no control. We can’t control people who disappoint us. But, sometimes we can control our situation with these people. We will always have some sort of disappointment – with others , ourselves and/or a situation. But, remember to put your faith in God and learn from this and continue along that positive path of your life. People and situations usually change for the better when we least expect it. By then, we may not want any parts of it. But, regardless, you’ll be okay! #be encouraged#love you to the moon and back!

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  2. Thanks mom! I love you so much and thank you for always supporting, encouraging, and being their for me when I don’t always know how to be here for myself. And, thank you for supporting my dreams and continuing to pushing me to do so when life can get overwhelming, I spread myself thin, and am often fighting to fulfill a purpose greater than myself.


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