A not so rich girl trying to save myself and everyone else from being broke

Today, a coworker asked me to go with her to buy coffee and due to a meeting I was unable to go. I advised she use one of my k-cups and creamer that’s free and really yummy. She decided against it, and jokingly she said I was her role model. I told her,”No. I’m just a not so rich girl trying to save myself and everyone else from being broke”. πŸ™‚

What I mean by that is, I was a struggling, young mom, who had major financial setbacks and a lot of bills. So, I always had to budget to make sure I could afford everything and stay financially afloat. As I got higher paying positions throughout the years, my money-saving techniques never left me.

Here are some of the ways I save money and budget where I can:

  1. Packing lunch

I pack my lunch almost every single day. There were and still are many times I could not afford to buy lunch due to my budget. I find that it has helped me save a tremendous amount of money. If I bought a lunch daily it would cost me at a minimum $30 a week (which is almost equivalent to my weekly gas money). So, for me I’d rather be able to get to work (which provides me income) with a packed lunch, than buy a meal that’s probably unhealthy and would’ve been made better at home.

2. Buying in Bulk

It’s soo much cheaper to buy most of my food or products from Sam’s club or Costco. I’d spend almost Β $4 on cereal to go to a wholesaler and buy twice as much for almost the same price or $1-2 dollars more. I was getting more food and it was lasting me twice as long.

3. Thrifting!

It’s really nice to have your own stuff believe me, but sometimes you may need a certain colored shirt for an outfit, looking for something unique but don’t have it in your budget, or just flat-out love thrifting like me! I find thrifting a great way to save. I don’t just thrift clothes and accessories , I thrift furniture, electronics, appliances anything that’s extremely expensive that I can get used a lower price!

4. Finding Deals

I am all about finding a deal! lol It’s so bad that I even teach my coworkers about deals and they actually get excited when they use my philosophies and save money. They can’t wait to come to work and share their savings with me. Well, not their actual savings but how they saved…you get the point! lol I’m always asking companies if they have employee discounts, looking for coupons, and finding what I call steals. Honestly, I’m not that great at couponing, but I do try to cut them out and save where I can, when I can. The way I find deals is honestly by tracking prices and doing my research on a product before making a purchase, so that I can get the best quality, price, and bang for my buck.

5. Not Wasting Money

And, lastly the best way I save money is by not wasting it. I try to save money but not spending the money I have unnecessarily which means eating out every single day, buying scratch offs every day, paying to park at $12 a day when I can park for free walking an extra 7 minutes down the street to my building, or buying things I just don’t need. I’m not saying not to spend money on nice things if you have it, but if you don’t do you really need that Gucci purse that costs you $1000 if you have a credit card that needs paid off? Or do you really need 5 pairs of new shoes when you’re not wearing the ones that are already in there collecting dust? We are all guilty of over buying at times, but I guess I’m saying I just prioritize my money and spend it wisely. And, by doing so it helps me to save. I also use my money to invest in things that will get me more of it as well.

So, if your goal this year is to save money, pay down or pay off debt, buy a house or another big investment, etc. Try these ways of saving money and let me know how it works for you or let me know ways that you save and how it’s made an impact on your or helped you accomplish a goal you’ve set. Lets inspire and motivate one another to save and tackle some of our financial goals this year. Having a savings or contingency for a rainy day or emergencies is always nice. You never know what can happen. Therefore, having some extra cash just in case or being able to use your savings for a big investment is definitely worth while.

Well loves, I hope you’ve found this post inspiring, encouraging, motivating, helpful, and/or relatable. Until next time, love always…


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