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Broken for Greatness

For awhile now I had been feeling broken, defeated, and often questioning if my situation will get better let alone when. I decided that I was broken, that I’ve allowed my circumstances to break me, and that I was going to settle for not being able to be fixed. But, then I thought about it and realized God didn’t create me to be a settler, to wallow in my sorrows, and accept defeat. The devil wants to me think that when in fact it’s not true. Instead, I realized that in order for God to help me reach my highest potential, he would first have to break me. Now, some may wonder why does God want to break us?  Well the way I see it, God wants to break us for several reasons:

Our Own Doing….First and foremost, God doesn’t take pride in our suffering and doesn’t want to intentionally cause us pain. I don’t think God wants to keep us broken. But, instead it’s the result of our own sins, shutting him out, resisting him, being rebellious, or too proud to seek out his help that causes our brokenness. I use the analogy of parent and a child. When a child first realizes they have a sense of independence they start to notice they don’t need their parent(s) to do as much for them anymore. But, with this sense of new-found freedom they may start to think they don’t need their help at all, and that they can handle everything on their own. And, as much as the parent(s) try to tell them, “let me help you”, “you don’t have to do everything on their own”, they still don’t listen and have to learn things the hard way.With tough love, our parents/God indulge in our requests, stay back, and let us handle it. We think we don’t need him or as much, that things are going smoothly and we can take it from there. But, in reality he knows what it will result in, brokenness.

How We Respond…In our brokenness, I believe God also wants to know how we respond. Do we lash out at him? At others? Do we allow ourselves to become so defeated by life’s circumstances that it’s hard to come from out the darkness and into the light? Do we respond by still trying to fix things alone or do we respond by reaching out to him for his help? Seeking him out in prayer and through church by allowing ourselves to be surrounded by him. How we respond is a test of our character and our faith.

To Teach Us How to Pray…..When your broken, you may feel defeated, abandoned, alone, hopeless, etc. God wants us to take this time to become more connected with him and pray to him for help. He wants to be more involved in our lives to better understand us, comfort us, embark on our journeys with us. Once we’ve come to the realization that we DO need his help, we can surrender ourselves to him so that he heal, restore, and transform us. When we are so engulfed in the schedule of our own busy and chaotic lives, it’s easy to adopt the ideology the we can handle life on our own. And, once we admit that we need him, we can hear his voice again calling out to us.

Increase Our Faith…Once we surrender to God and show him that we are broken and cannot fix everything ourselves, He then wants us to believe and have faith in Him. He wants us to trust in what he can do, his timing, and the plans he has for our lives. Having faith lets God know that we put all of our confidence and trust in him, that he can change our circumstances for the better, and use our brokenness for his glory.

But, one thing I know for sure is that in spite our brokenness God allows us to be broken because he knows we are destined for greatness. Sometimes in order to us to reach our highest potential we have to bring humility and appreciation to our lives. We have to humble ourselves to see how God is truly moving our lives, so we can understand and prepare us for what lies ahead. God wants us to use our struggles to elevate us for whats to come and to perfect the gifts inside of us. While you’re experiencing brokenness it can be hard to embrace the journey and experiences. But, when you do realize that he’s using everything for our good, think about how much better you will be on the other side of this. Think about how much stronger, wiser, faithful, spiritually mature, and closer to him you will be. So, in spite of your brokenness don’t give up. Keep pushing forward, remain faithful and know that you will get through this.

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