Misapplying Our Gifts

Lately, I’ve realized that I’m unsatisfied with the direction my life has taken. I have a decent job, nice family, a home, etc., but I feel like I’m unsatisfied because I haven’t been using the right gift to fulfill my purpose when I thought I was. For example, I believe one of my gifts is being there for others, by giving them hope, inspiration, and encouragement through my testimonies. I write-through my blog, inspire my friends and family with words and advice, but to be honest, my blogging is inconsistent (for many reasons) and sometimes I get overwhelmed with life and go into hiding like a complete hermit crab. With my blog, I am truly thankful for my readers and followers as I feel like I am helping someone, somehow, and that’s so important to me. But unfortunately, a part of me still feels like I’m not doing enough with my gifts and I’m not exactly sure why. However, my dissatisfaction tells me a few things that maybe able to help me figure out how to fully utilize my gifts or the right gift to fully walk in my purpose.

Another Plan

The result of my dissatisfaction may be an indication that God has another way for me to fulfill my purpose. Maybe I’m not supposed to fulfill my purpose through one avenue or this may not be the right avenue for me to completely come into my purpose, but maybeImage result for god having another plan it’s a stepping stone in fulfilling it. I thought my blog was going to completely satisfy the urge I have to inspire others, but it’s possible God has other plans for me. Sometimes the plans we think are big are miniscule to God. You may be on the right path to using your gifts for your purpose but maybe what you think is the end result is much bigger than you could even imagine.

Let Your Passions Guide You To Your Gifts

For a long time I was completely unsure of what my gifts were, let alone be able to use them to guide me. So what I started doing was figuring out what I was passionate about and then look for a potential gift inside of myself. For example, my whole life I have been great at English. I always excelled at writing and reading and was intermediate at best in math. In college I was a business major where it included a lot of math. I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together and realized that I would be taking a lot of mathImage result for spiritual giftscourses such as: Statistics, College Algebra, Calculus, Finance, Accounting, you name it. If it was mathematically related I as taking or it was a requirement. I was so annoyed my friends had majors with hardly no math courses and were doing so well, when I had so much math it would sometimes drag my GPA down because I wasn’t always the best at it. I tried really hard and did well in a few of the courses but it just wasn’t my forte, at least I thought. Much to my surprise my passion for business guided me to really enjoy math, especially finance and accounting. And, my passion for business helped me realize that I have a gift for teaching people how to make good financial decisions, incur less debt, and prepare for a brighter future.

Pray for Help In Determining Your Gifts

Some people don’t know what there gifts are. I’ve been there and maybe still am there. And, maybe you think you’ve found your gifts but that’s not the gift God wants us to use to walk in our purpose. The best person to help us figure out or Gifts is the one personImage result for spiritual giftswho gave them to us. Pray and ask God to reveal to you the gifts he wants you to use to walk in our purpose and touch others. Ask God to help you look outside of yourself, step outside of your comfort zone, and focus on his will for your life, by finding ways to help others.

Realize Your Gifts Don’t Just Help You

In order to fully utilize your gifts, we must realize that our gifts aren’t just for us. When God blesses you with a gift, it’s so we can use it to bless the world. If you think it about a musician may make money by singing or playing an instrument, but the sound of their voice is used to make others happy, feel relaxed, enjoy themselves, relate to the musicianImage result for helping others and unite others through song. A teacher’s gift is to take the ability to learn and pass it on to generations after them and instill the values and skills they need to be successful in the future. What good is having gifts if you can’t use them to bless others? Think about the things that you’re good at that you can use to be a blessing to others.

Overall, I know that whatever my purpose is God will help me to fulfill it as long as I continue to seek direction and guidance to do so. If you’re unsatisfied with the direction your life is going stop to think about why. Ask God to direct your steps and really listen. Deep down inside I believe I know what God is calling me to do, but I jut don’t think I’m ready to do it yet I’m afraid to truly fulfill my purpose as much as I keep asking him to help me do so. But, one thing I know we cannot let fear stop us from our destiny. Our gifts are truly what they are, “gifts” and should be used to help the greater good and not be used selfishly. If you’re struggling with identifying your gifts, ask God to guide you, let your passions drive you, and don’t be afraid to fulfill your purpose no matter how big it is. If God has blessed you with talents, skills, and gifts that can change and shape the world, go for it! Take off running towards it, don’t look back, and then keep running until you can stop and walk in your purpose.

Until next time, with love,



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