My name is Brittany and I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. I am a domesticated, working mama and I have one sweet, silly, energetic, little boy! I got pregnant with my son my junior year of college, and had him 3 weeks after my 21st birthday. After I had my son and being a young mother, it was hard to balance my work life, finances, school work, parenthood, and what was left of my social life, but what’s hardest for me is feeling caged by all of life’s responsibilities. I’m truly a free spirited person that misses her passions and the zest for life that I once had.

Sometimes its hard to juggle everyday life and the things your passionate about but, I want to be that person that truly smiles from the inside out, not allowing life’s struggles to keep me from being free and fulfilling my God-given purpose. So, I created this blog as a way to express my gypsy soul and share my love of faith, fashion, travel, and life experiences, while balancing my everyday life and encouraging and inspiring others through my journey.