Overcoming Other’s Negative Opinions

Hey loves! I hope you're enjoying your holiday season so far. Today's blog is post about overcoming other people's negative opinions. Has someone ever out a negative label on you, based on their opinion of you or your situation? Has anyone ever told you that you won't make it far in your profession/career, that you'll… Continue reading Overcoming Other’s Negative Opinions


Our Darkest Hours Don’t Define Us

Hello lovesπŸ’–. Today I want to talk about not letting our darkest hours define us. Unfortunately, just about everyone of us has went through a dark period in our lives, whether it was losing a loved one, going through a bad relationship, infertility, divorce, miscarriage, financially at rock bottom, job loss, homelessness, etc. Whatever your… Continue reading Our Darkest Hours Don’t Define Us


For “Likes” or “Purpose”

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my little sister about certain people doing things for likes and attention vs. purpose. For example, some people may think being apart of a sorority or fraternity, or being a member of prestigious or well-known organizations or clubs is a good resume builder, networking opportunity, and a chance to… Continue reading For “Likes” or “Purpose”

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A Caged Wild Spirit’s Journey to Be Free

I often wonder how many people face life's struggles, and allow those struggles to hold them back from freedom. How many of us are secretly smiling outside, meanwhile we are really battling our inner demons? Unfortunately, myself and others included have allowed stress, anxiety, depression, anger, bitterness, relationships, parenthood, finances, careers, addictions, the weight of… Continue reading A Caged Wild Spirit’s Journey to Be Free